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Modules for Authoring IMMEX™ Problem Sets
This module outlines the process of constructing a paper or electronic model that simulates the menu structure of a potential IMMEX™ problem set. Generally done in paper, PostIt® notes are used to visualize and structure possible menu items that may be included in the problem space of a simulation for students to gather data to respond to the challenge posed in the prolog. Prototyping is a significant portion of the time and effort invested in developing an IMMEX™ problem for a solid prototype is foundational to creating a robust problem set.
File Management
This module presents a potential organizational structure that is highly recommended for authors to use when constructing a file management system for their problem sets. Suggestions for essentials folders, file naming system, and fundamental elements of IMMEX™ case links files are provided for consideration.
Authoring with Dreamweaver
This module familiarizes participants with key features of Dreamweaver that are commonly used in the technical construction of an IMMEX™ problem set.
Packaging IMMEX Problem Sets
The IMMEX™ packaging software links a web-based problem set to the suite of IMMEX™ assessment tools that reconstruct students' problem solving performances and generate a variety of reports that can be used for formative and summative assessment. This module reviews the content and process of inputting information into the IMMEX™ packaging tool.
This module presents essential considerations when integrating and implementing IMMEX™ problem sets into the curriculum. Activities are divided into three primary phases of implementation, including ideas for what to do before online problem solving, ideas to maximize the use of online tools during classroom implementation, and procedures for accessing students' archived performances immediately or long after completion of problem solving.
Authoring Resources
Agenda: 10-Day Institute Activities (51kb PDF) Problem Set Feasibility Check (13kb PDF)
Problem Set Evaluation Guide (13kb PDF) Problem Set Profile Template (28kb Word doc)
Problem-Solving Data Organizer, Generic (83kb PDF) Authoring Progress Checklist (14kb PDF)
Problem-Solving Data Organizer, True Roots (12kb PDF) Problem Space Prototype (7kb PDF)
Case Links File Template (63kb Excel worksheet) Beta Testing Evaluation Guide (10kb PDF)
Reading Assignment
Practice Makes Perfect... (154kb PDF) Design and Performance Frameworks for Constructing Simulations (2.7MB PDF)
Computer-Assisted Evaluation... (1.2MB PDF)


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