IMMEX™ Implementation
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NOTE- Recommendations proposed are rooted in experiences from the classroom and student data accummulated since the introduction of IMMEX™ problem solving to K-16 education in 1995 from medical education.

Pre-Implementation Essentials

In addition to covering fundamental concepts addressed in IMMEX™ problem sets selected for implementation, the following are essential to do prior to engage students in IMMEX™ problem solving.

  1. Preview problem sets to explore curricular fit.

  2. Align IMMEX™ problem sets with your curriculum.

  3. Submit a staging request online. A staging request initiates the process of linking individualized IDs/passwords to IMMEX™ problem sets for use with a specific class within a time frame of choice.

  4. Devise system for student ID/password distribution and keep a record of ID/passwords you plan to give an individual student or a collaborative learning team.

Implementation Essentials

  1. Familiarize students with the IMMEX™ problem-solving approach and online navigation basics, especially students using IMMEX™ for the first time and perhaps for a few initial experiences, depending on your students.

  2. Review how to access search-path maps.

Post Implementation Essentials

  1. Access students' problem-solving performance data for assessment and instruction.


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