LESSON: IMMEX™ Prototyping
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What is this module about?


A significant portion of the time and effort invested in developing an IMMEX™ problem set includes the prototyping of a model, generally paper, that simulates the menu structure of a potential problem set. PostIt® notes are a great way to individually list, group and re-group ideas for your problem set. Prototyping is foundational to authoring. A solid prototype will lead to a robust problem set, yielding a wonderful diversity of strategy types as varied as your students.

An IMMEX™ prototype typically consists of:
  1. A prolog in the form of a scenario in which the student task is clearly stated;
    (For NSF ITEST grant, integrate a problem commonly encountered in a STEM = Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math career.)

  2. Primary and complementary cascading menu items that students will access to collect evidentiary data;

  3. An epilog that summarizes the logic for the solution to the problem investigated.

  4. A proposed scoring system, showing total score and score per menu item; and

  5. Ideas for potential clones/cases, generally 10 or more

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