LESSON: IMMEX™ Prototyping
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Individual scores are assigned to each menu item in a problem set that you wish to track. A scoring system may be devised based on the cognitive task analysis of your problem set. Scores may be weighted depending on the degree of relevance to the solution or scores may be distributed equally. Some authors elect to keep resources such as library and glossary free of charge, mirroring library usage in reality. Individual item scores will appear when students select menu items that are trackable. Generally, an initial score is assigned and scores can count up or down when a student selects an item. Scores can be assigned as points (default) or other units of measure (dollars, minutes, etc.). In the authoring process, scores are inputted during the packaging phase. However, preliminary scores are established during prototyping, further refined when constructing case links files, and finalized during packaging.

Sample Score Input in Packaging

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