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A prolog takes the format of a scenario in which the student task is clearly stated and contextualized. The student task should challenge learners to integrate information related to core curricular content from multiple data points in the problem space, generally accessible as hyperlinked menu items. For authors that are a part of the National Science Foundation ITEST grant, the student task will incorporate a problem commonly encountered in a STEM career—Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics. You may view sample prologs for clarification.

Sample Prolog: True Roots
Leucine has just completed an extensive study of genetics in a high school biology class. While analyzing three generations of family traits, Leucine realizes that her personal traits are not consistent with other family members. Leucine has always looked and felt different from her siblings. This raises questions of doubt about her origins and Leucine begins to wonder if her mom and dad, Mr. and Mrs. Watson, are truly her biological parents. While searching for her true roots, Leucine discovered that there was a fire at the hospital on the day she was born. The pediatric ward was hastily evacuated for about three hours. This incident made Leucine even more curious and determined to verify if Mr. and Mrs. Watson were indeed her biological parents.

Leucine discussed the dilemma with her friends who have promised to help. You are a friend and would like to help find her true parents. You will join Leucine, visit family and experts, then analyze various data. Use your understanding of genetics to assist your friend to find her "TRUE ROOTS.


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