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An epilog provides a summary of the general logic to the solution that an efficient and proficient problem solver may most like use when attempting to solve the problem investigated in the prolog. With the exception of the most probable solution to the problem, epilogs may be essentially the same from case to case in a problem set. Compose a preliminary draft which you will refine as you develop your problem set and complete later in the process of authoring when you have finalized your core ideas for the problem space. Below is a sample epilog for True Roots and additional sample epilogs that complement select prologs under the segment on prologs in this module.

Sample Epilog: True Roots

Can you believe it? The Watsons are really Leucine's true biological parents. That disaster in the pediatric ward was more organized than imagined. She definitely is different from her family. Leucine is living proof of Mendel's principle of dominant and recessiveness. She inherited recessive genes from both her Mom and Dad. This resulted in the expression of several recessive traits in her phenotype. She has homozygous recessive genes for attached earlobes and arched fingerprints. Most of her family members inherited dominant genes, that's why she appears so different. Nevertheless, Leucine is a true Watson.

In searching for Leucine's roots, possible biological parents would have been eliminated in certain investigative stages. If you analyzed menu options, Pedigree, RFLP (Restriction Fragment Length Polymorphism), and Blood Type were the most relevant and logical pathways to take. Pedigree analysis would have eliminated the Dallases and the Cayetanos and reduced your possible parents to the following three couples: Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda, Ms. Wannaman, and Mr. and Mrs. Watson. Now you did not have to look at additional information on Mr. and Mrs. Dallas and Mr. and Mrs. Cayetano.

The results of blood typing and your use of the Punnett Squares, you should have discovered that Leucine's genotypes could not have been inherited from Mr. and Mrs. Ikeda. Fingerprint data results would have eliminated Mr. and Mrs. Dallas. By looking at the data in the RFLP samples, you would have narrowed your search to only two possible families: Ms. Wannaman and Mr. and Mrs. Watson.

By examining the karyotypes and the vital statistics in the newspaper, you should have concluded that Ms. Wannaman's child is a male child, thereby eliminating Ms. Wannaman as a true biological parent. Consequently, Leucine's beloved parents, Mr. and Mrs. Watson are your ONLY logical choice. Fear not, Leucine is a true Watson

Additional Sample Epilogs
Roger Rabbit

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