LESSON: IMMEX™ Prototyping
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An IMMEX™ problem set consists of multiple equivalent cases that have the same general structure in terms of primary and secondary menu items. Prologs which introduce the problem to be solved in the opening screen may be the same or may vary. Generally, a master case is first created and parallel versions are created by manipulating and modifying the content of a menu item, rather than the actual menu item name. In the technical construction of a clone, all the files for the master case is replicated and placed into a new folder, which is then entitled to reflect the “new” case. Based on the solution for the clone, the contents of select menu items are changed. Resource information in the library and glossary usually remain untouched, so does a significant portion of the master case.

Clones are important instructionally because of the following:

  • Clones enable you to attain multiple performances of a student; therefore, students’ progress over time can be archived and tracked.
  • Multiple clones increase the chance that a different problem is administered to students sitting next to each other, which significantly minimizes cheating.
  • Clones increase instructional options, ranging from review to enrichment


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