TRAINING: Introduction
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The IMMEX™ Training Lounge is designed for teacher partners working collaboratively with the IMMEX™ Project on grant awards from the National Science Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Department of Education, and other grant agencies. You do not need to login as you would do when exploring IMMEX™ problem sets. Online modules include four modules on key components of authoring IMMEX™ problem sets and a module on integrating and implementing IMMEX™ problem sets. To access modules, just use the links on the right to open modules directly.

Authoring modules are intended to be a supplement to hands-on IMMEX™ authoring institutes. To get an overview of the activities of the workshop, participants are highly encouraged to review the 10-day agenda and the four authoring modules prior to the first day of the workshop. You may make hard copies of the step-by-step procedures of key events of the authoring process, depending on your perceived need. You may also refer to these modules any time during the authoring workshop and throughout the school year.

To develop a comprehensive understanding of the IMMEX™ problem-solving approach and the process of designing web-based simulations with embedded assessment, you have a reading assignment of four articles, three publications on IMMEX™ and one on cognitive task analysis and designing simulation-based performance assessments. Click on the corresponding hyperlinks under Reading Assignment to access a copy of the four articles.