LESSON: IMMEX™ Packaging
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What is this module about?

Once an IMMEX™ problem set has been completed for web delivery and tested for content accuracy, content validity, English essentials, and technical glitches, it is linked to the IMMEX™ assessment tools using the IMMEX™ packaging software. The problem set is then deployed temporarily on a test server at the IMMEX™ Lab. Another round of testing occurs by authors, business partners, content experts, students, if possible. Each link is checked to ensure proper functioning and each page is checked for errors. Cold links and errors identified are corrected prior to transfer to the IMMEX™ production server for access on the World Wide Web. Each problem set is assigned a PSS ID (Problem Set ID). For packaging, you will need to have the following information ready for input into packaging software. You may use your case links file to get the information you need to input.

  1. Problem set information —title, brief description, problem set icon

  2. Scoring system —starting score, unit of measure, minus or plus score option for accumulating score, cost for incorrect answer, etc.

  3. Maximum number of attempts – Two has been found to be optimal.

  4. Solution type —list of options or type in

  5. Solutions for clones—list of answers fro each clone

  6. Titles for clones —distinguishing names for each clone

  7. Menu Structure —Exact order and placement of primary and secondary menu items

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