LESSON: IMMEX™ Problem Set Files
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What is this module about?

This module presents a potential organizational structure that highly recommended for authors to use when constructing a file management system for their problem sets. A user-friendly file management system will make managing files during authoring and after authoring less cumbersome. Imagine trying to update your problem set six months from today and you have a generalized file naming system, like menu-item-1.htm, menu-item-2, menu-item-3.htm, etc. Now, envision trying to update your problem set 6 months from now and you have more descriptive file names that incorporate the first part of your menu item, such as library_probability.htm, library_statistics.htm, etc. Your preference will be unquestionable!

As you may know, IMMEX™ problem sets require identical menu items for all clones and identical file names for each file associated with a menu item for all clones. This enables comparative analysis of student performance on multiple cases within a problem set. To facilitate consistency in names of menu items and file names affiliated with menu items, the first case constructed serves as a master for subsequent clones. This module will provide recommendations on essentials folders, file naming system, and fundamental elements of IMMEX™ case links files.


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