LESSON: Authoring IMMEX™ Problem Sets with Dreamweaver
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Overview Getting Started Problem Set Layout and Frames Menu Items Web Pages for Problem Space
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This module is designed to provide you with key features of Dreamweaver that will enable you to construct an IMMEX™ problem set. To get started, setup an infrastructure to manage files as you construct basic elements of the problem space of your IMMEX™ problem set by doing the following:

  • Define a new site which will enable you to manage all the files in your IMMEX™ problem sets

  • Create a cache that will automatically refresh your site window when changes are made to files; and

  • Construct a layout for your problem set using frames.

  • Create menu items for problem space by using the "insert flash buttons" tool.

  • Compose web pages with the content for individual menu items and using the following tools to enhance page content.

  • Modify page properties to change the color of background page, text, links, etc; and

  • Insert images that will foster critical thinking and make the problem space more visually appealing.

  • Link menu items to web pages to integrate content into the problem space for students to collect data to respond to the challenge posed in the prolog.

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